Getting The Best Rice Cooker

Benefits of Buying a Rice Cooker

– Thorough heating. Where a stovetop pot fails, a rice cooker wins. It can be difficult to get the formula and timing down for the perfect rice on the stove, but with a rice cooker, you don’t have to worry about that. They are built to run for the perfect amount of time and they tell you the recommended amount of dry rice to put into them so that each batch is perfectly proportioned.

– Delay timers. A delay timer on rice cookers allows you to set a timer for as long as 15 hours on some models, so that you can set the unit to begin cooking your rice at a certain time. This lets you come home to perfectly cooked rice right on time.

– Multiple rice settings. With rice cookers, you can optimize them to ensure that difficult to cook brown rice, jasmine rice, mixed rice and other kinds of rice are cooked to perfection. Brown rice is especially hard to cook on the stove, so if you are a fan of that kind of rice, definitely look into a rice cooker.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Rice Cooker for Your Needs

– Choose a rice cooker that comes with accessories like spatulas and measuring cups to help make your rice cooking experience smoother and streamlined.

– Consider a rice cooker that has a warm up feature to keep your rice heated at serving temperature for longer to allow you to enjoy second helpings if you’d like.

– Read reviews such as the detailed ones above to get an idea on how these rice cookers you have interest in the real world.

Make sure you check out some important websites such as Delicious who offer comprehensive reviews on various things such as rice cookers and will give you the best information out there which we found currently available.

Hand Mixers or Stand Mixers

You are probably here because you are planning to buy a mixer. You might be torn between which one to choose, a hand mixer or a stand mixer? To start with, the functions of the two are just the same. Thus, the more important things to be considered are its function, versatility and price.


The hand mixers in the market now are upgraded version of the first mixer which is the manual egg beater or the rotary mixer. The only difference is that the hand mixer has an enclosure with a motor inside that runs the mixer. It was invented in 1885 by the American Rufus Eastman. On the other hand, stand mixers are an upgraded version of the electric hand mixer. It is larger and the motor is stronger than the hand mixer. It was invented by an engineer, Herbert Johnson, of the Hobart Manufacturing Company in 1908.

Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are usually the first mixer bought for household use because of its cost. They are portable mixers with removable rotary beaters and often used in small batches of ingredients. More so, a hand beater does not take much space in the kitchen. And because of its size, it is also fast and easy to clean. However, because of the size of its motor, it has a limited capability of mixing ingredients. Also, because the mixing bowl and the mixer are not in a stable position, batters and the likes spill easily. .

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are mixers with frame to hold heavy-duty motors and base to mount the mixing bowl. Unlike the hand mixers, there are several mixing attachments for the stand mixer.  Not only can it beat, whip, knead and mix, the stand mixer can also grind, shred, juice, peel, and make pasta among others. In this kind of mixer, it has a bigger mixing bowl that comes with the unit. Hence, there is a minimal amount of spillage while using the mixer. The mixing ability of the unit is far more greater than the hand-held mixer thus it can mix thick at batter in a shorter time. More advance stand mixers have programmable settings, so even if you turn your back for a while from the mixer, it will still do its job. On the other hand, cleaning this kitchen equipment is a bit hassle because of its size. And speaking of size, it will also take an ample amount of space on your counter top or in your kitchen cabinet. And most especially, because of its capabilities to lots of stuff, this equipment is way more expensive than a hand mixer.


So what is the best for you? It would actually depend on how keen is your baking prowess. If you bake only for occasions then there is no need to get yourself a stand mixer. But if you do bake on a daily basis, a stand mixer is ideal for you. The best hand mixer or the best stand mixer is just waiting for you to pick them up.